Thursday, December 1, 2011

Team Fortress 2: Force a' Nature

I meant to put this and something else up in November, but my photo editing skills apparently aren't as quick as my building skills. In any case, I needed to make a FAN by late October. Volpin's build was helpful in saving me some time by using it as a guide, although I made many changes of my own.

I'd like to Thank my college buddy Emilio Arias for the huge help by taking pictures. He's just starting out doing photography gigs, so if you're in Orange County, I highly suggest sending him a message for your senior pictures, gigs, etc. (@ ) . As you can see, he does top notch stuff (final pictures)

I didn't take a whole lot of progress pictures this time, and the first half of the build would just look like Volpin's blog anyways. (laminating MDF.)

I started with the stock. Luckily, I have outside access to a 6" wide industrial belt sander that was able to quickly give me that hour glass/competition stock shape. I also narrowed the grip of the stock about 1/4 inch, as this was being made for a girl.

The grip , receiver, and half domes are all MDF.

After the easy stuff was out of the way, It was time for the creative part. I wanted to make sure my barrel openings were exactly the right size, as well as the degree of taper down the barrels. All of this without sanding for hours and hours. I wont get into the process of what I did, but maybe some of you can figure it out.

Another use of the belt sander, some super glue, and primer.

Gotta love fiberglass barrels. I flicked this assembly across the room at least 3 times with no damage. (I couldn't resist playing with the break-action and forgot I didn't glue this to the front grip at the time)

coming together:

Yup. More MDF. Everything but the barrels and screws, literally.
The breech lever moves and is spring loaded. I infused it with super glue and pins to give it extra strength.

Primed and ready to go, sans the butt-pad.



Until next time!


  1. Ehm... How much would you charge to do a custom prop job of a much smaller weapon? Say, The Lugermorph?

  2. Hi are you making any tf2 weapons for sale if so how much would it be lets say for a scaled down black box plus fake rocket to fit in it ?

  3. May i use your picture and i will edit it and put your to the tf2 game? (could be cool xD)

  4. I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but sure! as long as you give credit where credit is due. :P

  5. Hey, is it possible to help me out, I'm making one of these and I would really appreciate it if you could give me some measurements so I can get proportions down? Thanks :) (that's me)

  6. Hi!could please send me some measurements so i could make my own force of nature?:)i have cosplay event coming soon so i would need the measurements pretty if you could send me them i would appreciate that very much!

  7. what i'd give for one of these... that's awesome i hope to se more epic props from you!