Thursday, December 22, 2011

Code Geass Pistol

Another build finished mid November. Delayed for posting, again.

This one is from an anime called "Code Geass" produced by Bandai. I haven't seen it, but Bandai visual's recent animes have been really high production. Check out yukikaze if you haven't seen that one.

Reference: (The proportions dont match up on this thing. They vary picture to picture)

Anyways, Not too much to say about this little guy. The only tedious/difficult part was the little odds and ends on the tip of the barrel.

Here's a bit of working the layers before gluing them together.

Cleaned up a little

Barrel assembly

Lam unit beginnings, smoothed out the grip detail :

Drafting out the details. (the LAM unit can come off)

Magazine plate, mag release button



  1. Nice replica!

    That said,you should totally watchthe show if you haven't already- it's very good.

  2. Are any of the props for sale? Because my brother loves code geass and tf2