Monday, January 9, 2012

Mass Effect 2 M-96 Mattock Heavy Rifle

I made this rifle for someone who wanted to start a mass effect prop collection of sorts. As such, they gave me discretion to choose which rifle from the Mass Effect universe that I wanted to do. I chose the Mattock, and wanted to stay as close to the concept art as possible. I chose it because it is arguably the most complicated rifle in the mass effect universe that still looks like it was made by human hands. I like a challenge. And headaches, apparently.

Here we are:

As always, I chose MDF as my medium. This is the beginnings of the carrying handle.

Layering the foregrip.

Side panels

Working the layers of the grip before laminating them together:

Coming along:

Panel line after Panel line.

Okay, I'll admit. There's a little bit of plastic in here.

Reinforced trigger guard

A little more plastic....Those triangular cuts are not in the game model, but I felt compelled to make them since they are on the concept art.

Scope housing. Kind of a pain.

All primered up and complete, minus grip grooves and small details.

This part was hand carved with a dremel. Had to make the other side identical too.

Installed, filling the seams.

Purdy. I love the results of filler primer.

I'm just teasing you guys with this picture.

Kabam! I'm back to being my own photographer again. I think its an improvement over my M-29 shots, which I did myself. You be the judge.

The logo was made by cutting out a polystyrene stencil, spraying over it, and cleaning it up.

Now if I could only make time to actually play the game...Hmm.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Fantastic job! What did your initial design work entail - did you use a CAD package to make any drawings? And how long did the whole process take, from the initial concept to final paint spray? Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome. Thank you for making authentically epic weapons unlike the pieces of $#!% that's out there. Keep up the good work

  3. You know at some point you really should start selling these *hint hint*. ESPECIALLY the Mattock. Out of curiosity, if you did sell it, how much would you sell it for?

  4. Thanks Everyone!

    Chris- I modeled it in Solidworks but didnt end up using the file for anything. I mostly use photoshop, actually. I make templates out of styrene.
    The process took around 120-140 hours. (with photography, driving to home depot, etc)

    Rompe, I do commission work.

    1. Oh cool, I use SolidWorks all day in my job. I use it almost entirely for mechanical design of steel fabrications, so I rarely get a chance to practise surfacing techniques. I'd never considered using Photoshop for this sort of stuff.

      Sounds like you really put the effort into this job - and it definitely shows!

    2. Hi Zander,

      The only two guns I would want made would be either the Mattock which you so wonderfully made here (Hence my asking how much you would sell it for) or the legendary Widow Sniper Rifle of Legion's from Mass Effect 2!!

      How much would these cost?

  5. Epic work I don't use anything else in game and I'd like to know what you would charge for a Mattock as well ^_^

  6. It looks like you have Mass Effect II on your finished photos. The Mattock is from Mass Effect III.
    Otherwise looks really cool!

  7. Sweet mother of guns! How much would commissioning a Mattock cost?

  8. How much? never mind, shut up and take my money!

  9. Got to say that Mattock sure looks really nice! And of course it's the weapon from ME games I really love to have it.