Saturday, April 7, 2012

Team Fortress 2: Scattergun and pistol

So, Last Halloween was the first time I decided to dress up as a scout for an event. (This is right after I finished the FAN. I was going through a scout weapon withdrawal.  To get my fix, I rushed together a scattergun in one day. It surely wasn't up to my standards (no bevels, sights, and had an incomplete front grip) but it was a hell of a lot faster than making another FAN. The Basic shape is based off of Fev's incredible build of the gun. I didn't make templates for this guy, I simply tweaked Fev's photos into perspective on Photoshop for the views.

Scattergun reference:

The pistol was originally for a client who backed out. Then it became a personal project! woo! I wanted to do the pistol in a way that had never been done. 

Pistol reference image: (Its the one on the bottom)

Then much later down the road, Wondercon came along, and I decided to finish it up. I decided to go last minute with some new friends, so I dig this thing out of a box and remade the ejection port, sanded the old paint off, added the sights, etc.

Of course I later realized that I was out of grey montana brand paint that I use to paint my TF2 stuff. So flat black had to do for wondercon!

Then Pax East came up, and I had to jump back on this project. I sanded all of the paint off again, did some bondo touch ups, and put new paint on it. I finished the scattergun 45 minutes before I had to leave for my flight to Boston! I finished the pistol the night before. Phew!

Anyways, long story short, This was supposed to be a throw away Halloween prop. Then I polished a turd! I didn't take many progress pictures because I didn't intend to post it when I started it. (The scattergun, anyways. As far as the pistol goes, I simply didn't take a lot of pictures because the changes are so minuscule.)

Pistol beginnings :

Loading ramp for the "round"

Insides of slide halves sanded for a tight fit around the barrel.

To the Scattergun!

Barrel slots

6(?) mdf circles laminated together

Spring loaded cocking handle!

Grip Parts

Primered handle assembly

Moaaar primer. New sights!

Sanding off the paint from the quick Halloween job. 

Final Pictures:

On top of the moving slide and open breech, this thing can take a magazine loaded with inert .45 rounds. I was inspired by Mike Iverson's earlier gun builds. 

The couple. I love how this picture came out. (above)

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