Monday, January 9, 2012

Mass Effect 2 M-96 Mattock Heavy Rifle

I made this rifle for someone who wanted to start a mass effect prop collection of sorts. As such, they gave me discretion to choose which rifle from the Mass Effect universe that I wanted to do. I chose the Mattock, and wanted to stay as close to the concept art as possible. I chose it because it is arguably the most complicated rifle in the mass effect universe that still looks like it was made by human hands. I like a challenge. And headaches, apparently.

Here we are:

As always, I chose MDF as my medium. This is the beginnings of the carrying handle.

Layering the foregrip.

Side panels

Working the layers of the grip before laminating them together:

Coming along:

Panel line after Panel line.

Okay, I'll admit. There's a little bit of plastic in here.

Reinforced trigger guard

A little more plastic....Those triangular cuts are not in the game model, but I felt compelled to make them since they are on the concept art.

Scope housing. Kind of a pain.

All primered up and complete, minus grip grooves and small details.

This part was hand carved with a dremel. Had to make the other side identical too.

Installed, filling the seams.

Purdy. I love the results of filler primer.

I'm just teasing you guys with this picture.

Kabam! I'm back to being my own photographer again. I think its an improvement over my M-29 shots, which I did myself. You be the judge.

The logo was made by cutting out a polystyrene stencil, spraying over it, and cleaning it up.

Now if I could only make time to actually play the game...Hmm.

Thanks for looking!