Friday, June 17, 2011

Yoko Ritona's Sniper Rifle

I decided to take a break from my M-29 commission since it was such a headache, and decided to start this rifle that was recently commissioned. Its much more simple to understand, and reading blindsquirrel's blog made the process a little smoother.

Heres a picture of the rifle in context:

I started out with the stock. Instead of making it out of solid MDF like blindsquirrel did, I decided to make it out of 1/4 inch MDF walls to save considerable weight.

Then I did the magazine well and scope rings/rail. I added the curve into the design so that it had a perfect surface to glue to the gun's main body. The part was wrapped in styrene, and was given styrene ribs for detail.

The thickness of the scope rings was obtained by gluing a 1/8th inch sheet of mdf to a 1/4 inch sheet, then cutting out the part.

Starting to come together. The magazine uses styrene sheet for the details.

I regret not taking more pictures, but I've been a bit behind on things lately. (despite working 70 hours a week on these commissions.)

here it is after primer, and some testing of my black paint. For some reason, the new flat black painters touch cans seem to have a hint of gloss in them and make the surface look uneven when it is not. I will coat it with krylon ultra flat black the next time I go to the store.

I used a real folding+extending rifle bipod and installed the guards on the feet. I had to cut a square hole out in the middle of them to allow the bipod release buttons to come through so it can still be adjusted.

Just about finished now. I simply need to sew the sling to the buckles. 

As you can see , I had to redo the lenses since my client wanted ones that were different from mike's build. 

I love the rear shot. The rear lens features a semi transparent blue tint. 

Removable magazine:

removable stock plate, for much more storage:

You can see where my grass is starting to have a bad day in this shot: