Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mass Effect 2 M-29 Incisor Rifle Part II. Finished!

AAh. Finally. Sorry for the wait everyone, I just moved to a new location which took a month, and I wasn't able to work for a month because the garage was full. Things have cleared up enough for me to work, and I am currently lined up with a TF2 prop, a small anime pistol, another bryar pistol or two, and potentially a sword and gundam helmet.

In other words, I've been pretty busy and havent had time to photograph.

here's the rest of the WIP and final pictures.

Sand Sand Sand!

Here I'm using styrene to hide rough edges of MDF parts and mate seams without bondo.

First coat of oxford blue and flat black. It looks so new! a few flights down the stairs should fix that.

Yes, I have feet. See below. 

Masking off the orange in front. After the orange and some minor detailing, it was time to ship to the client. However, he let me know that the costume this was intended for was not ready, and thus extended the deadline so I could beat up the gun.......errr...detail it.

*Drull Roll*

stay tuned!


  1. This is the single greatest prop weapon I have ever seen. Of course, it helps that it is my favorite weapon from the game. If I had a first born, I'd easily trade that sucker for one of these. :)

  2. You said client? How much would it take to get you to make another one of these?

  3. DDUUUUUDE as a fellow ID,you got balls,how did you manage to measure the visor upper protector...thing, or whatever the thing that goes on top of the visor.

  4. Yes,I'm curious how much does a Mass Effect sniper rifle run?

  5. hey are you still taking commissions

  6. Thanks guys! If you're serious about a commission,
    you can email me at:
    zander_brandt@yahoo.com . I'm a little busy this month and next, but feel free to request a quote, or if you just want some prop help.

  7. Carlos, to answer your question, there are no side, top, etc views for this design. It is based on the concept art, which differs greatly from the blocky in game version. The layering, bevels, and overall thickness, etc are all my personal interpretation of the concept design.

  8. Nice, nice job, mate! Beautiful craftsmanship!

  9. Hey guys - I'm the one that commissioned Zander for this rifle.

    Zander did an awesome job on this commission. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an accurate, well-crafted prop.

  10. well made but it would be better if the rifle was pneumatic

  11. NinthWave can we see photos of your costume with the prop?

  12. NinthWave can we see photos of your costume with the prop?