Monday, August 13, 2012

Gundam Assault Carrier Spacecraft

So, like, a long time ago (well it seems that way to me. hmph.) I went to college and majored in industrial design. I really wanted (still do) to be a toy designer or to be somehow connected to the collectibles market.

As you can imagine, I got pretty bored of the housewares and more mainstream stuff we were instructed to design there. So, for my graduation project (a two quarter project where we get to pick a design category and direction that we want) I chose to do something inspired by one of my favorite companies, Bandai.

The project was from start to finish: design goal > research > ideation > refinements > control drawings > presentation/final model.

This was long before I knew I would be doing props after college (or blogging about them at all) so I have no pictures as far as the "prop" itself goes. Speaking of which, I consider this to be a prop so here it is. Deal with it!

It was designed to go with Bandai's Gundam action figure/model kit line, as well as compliment other sets in the same line.

First things that popped into my head. 

I really like the middle right one on page 3 but it would have been a bitch an a half to make a model of. 

Some refinements and new aggressive shapes.

Chosen design direction

These are the features I wanted. I think it translated pretty well into the model, although I never finished those little magnetic bridges.

She sure do look purdy.

Slots and keys hold this together, as well as a bunch of tiny rare earth magnets. The production version would obviously utilize tabs.

This is the "cityscape" arrangement of the parts. Had I finished the bridges and made a few more of these, I could have had the ultimate geekfest. 


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