Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kyle Katarn's Bryar Pistol

I was commissioned by gboy6 over at cosplay.com to make this pistol, providing this reference as a base:

Because the pistol uses an m16 grip, I grabbed one from my spare airsoft parts bin and scaled up the reference picture on my computer screen to match the size of the physical grip. I could then use the computer screen as a light table and trace more complicated parts, thus taking measurements in real size. I drafted directly onto the materials.

The main body is .75" MDF, made by joining a .5" sheet and a .25" sheet.

These are the basic parts for construction. The .75 MDF frame was perfect because it allowed the airsoft pistol grip to simply slide on and off, So alternative grips can be easily installed.

Refinement on the basic parts below. The ribs were a complete pain to do. (all parts care cut out by hand) Notice the notch that guides the pistol grip in. (had to be perfect)

Putting it together :

The side faces were coated in super glue, and thin sheet styrene was looped around the bottom to make the handguard. The styrene was then trimmed with a hobby knife, and sanded.

Since I decided not to make the trigger functional, and I did not want to make it the same thickness as the basic gun body (.75 inches thick) It had to be made separately and glued on after. Because of the direction of the MDF fibers, Simply gluing it on would probably not last long. I decided to pin it with a copper rod, so that it could hold up to being "tested" by other people who may hold the prop.

Just about ready to paint. Just some minor filling, and some barrel details left.

Did I mention how tedious it was to space those ribs out while they dried in place?

So begins the barrel details. (very time consuming) I constructed 7 little styrene boxes, then cut out the holes for them and inserted them until they were flush. It was difficult to get the superglue in-between the seams to hold them in.

Filler primed and sanded.

a few coats of flat black. Still waiting to hear back from the client about "battle damage" and such.

Got word back from the client about coloring, but not battle damage. did some metallic drybrushing here and there.


  1. I'm gboy6 at cosplay.com and I was the one who commissioned Zander to build the Bryar Pistol and I love it. It is my favorite pistol from the Star Wars series. Thank you so much. I would hire him again. You do great work. Keep it up.

  2. This is awesome. How much was the commission? How much do you usually charge for your work?

  3. Seoul, Thanks for the compliment! If you would like a quote, please email me at: zander_brandt@yahoo.com Thanks!

  4. Well done! Looks better than the original. :)

    I should know, I built it.

    Bill Costigan
    Vonnor Design

  5. Thanks bill! My client actually wanted a mix of different bryar pistol designs but this one had orthographics to go with it, and it was my personal favorite of all of the designs out there. So I made the executive decision, as they say. I saw that you went to a machine shop for those parts, next time come to me, I'd be glad to help!

  6. Will do, sir. You are a true master toymaker in the traditional sense.

    ~ Bill C.

  7. Hello there, I was wondering, if I may ask how much would it cost to commission you to make another of these splendid looking bryar pistols? I am looing to peice together a katarn outfit, and i'm missing the keypeice, his signature weapon, the Bryar pistol. If you could email me please at adam.grinter@gmail.com As soon as you can about it, that would be great. Thanks. and looks great by the way. :)

  8. This is the coolest thing I've ever seen so far! Heheh. Who would've thought that Bryar's pistol can be replicated? I take my hats off to you for doing this one, my man. If it’s possible, I want to make my air soft gun look like this! :D

    Eliana Lerma