Friday, January 8, 2016

Destiny Phaeton Class Jumpship V1.1

After Completing the V2 jumpship last year, it only made sense to make the winged version. This was a pretty popular design, and was one of the only designs released before the game came out. Also, It was mold/cast friendly so naturally it had to be done.

The build is mostly based off the previous sculpt, my first ever to utilize a 3d printed part. Read that one here. 

First thing, the wings. These screamed "styrene" so thats what I made them out of. Same old story, I cut them out with scissors, scribed panel lines with an exacto knife and saw, and laminated materials as needed.

The most important part is cutting out sections and scribing before you glue them together. 

This was all for one wing, which was symmetrical at the time. 

I then made a mold (not pictured) and cast out another one. Then I modified the bottom halves of each cast to more closely match the reference. I didn't want to scratch build both wings.

The fuselage isn't quite the same between the v1 and v2, so I had to sand a lot of detail off, and sand some harder angles on certain sections. I started with blank styrene. 

I carefully built up the detail. unfortunately, the modules on the original are so detailed and tiny that I had to simplify some bits in this area, which is saying something because its still fairly detailed as is. 

The wings sit at about 15 degrees, so after they were done I made a mold, cast them up, and glued them to the new body!

I made an MDF jig as usual, clayed it up, and got ready for goop!

After pouring both sides of the mold, I had my first cast! The cast uses exactly 4oz of resin for the whole thing. Its the smallest/lightest kit I've made to date. Considering that these are not vacuum degassed/pressure cast, I am extremely proud of the results. 

And some painted variations:

I made an early version outfitted with BKR guns for my friend Eric to paint. 

Build your own for purchase here. Thanks for following along!

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