Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Experienced Prop Maker Totally Pays Rent

SAN JOSE, CA- Waiting patiently for a $300 box of building materials, a 27 year old man reflects on the life he can only wish he had made earlier. "I'm so glad I didn't just push the "normal" job button after I spent 4-5 years on college. Having a fulfilling sense of purpose is totally worth not having confidence, a positive outlook, or being able to afford basic things like rent or fixing my 20 year old car that I drive daily that has a primer paint job. Or like, insurance n' stuff."- said Brant, enthusiastically as he took off his respirator with 1.5 year old filters.

"Its exciting so see where it can go", He continued. " Just a few weeks ago, I was offered a short term contract gig as a polyester resin/fiberglass hand for $12/hr in CA. Its exciting, as I'm looking at down payments on houses, a new car, maybe some new tools."

When asked about his current projects, he modestly replied "I've got a few pistols in the works. I'll spend 60 hours a week on each one, spend another day or two molding it and a few hundred in materials. It only took me about 4 years to develop these skills. Then I turn around and sell 3-5 resin copies that take a few hours to cast for a couple hundred each. Its really the most fun way to break even I can think of."

We can't help but think why you wouldn't want to impress your friends with a low budget alternative with horrible paint and obvious material layering visible on all of the edges and seams. After all, remember your math teacher always telling you to "show your work"? This is the perfect way, and its super trendy.

"In 5 years, where you you see yourself?" we asked. "Well, I'm really excited about 3D printing. I think the Ultimaker 3 or 4 will do a good job replacing me in a few years down the road. Then, I won't have to spend nearly as much time on my projects. There might be some competition when literally everyone on the planet opens up for commissions, but I think my good looks will get me by.", he answered. "Otherwise, I'll probably still be in the 10' x 10' corner of an automotive shop that my friend rents out to me, probably out of pure niceness/pity." he exclaimed, while turning around to blow that pesky resin dust off of his clothes and into the air.

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